Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Room Inspections

Cam, why is Kathy going into all the guest rooms? She should be taking photos of me and giving us treats!
She is doing the room inspections. Stay out of her way Leighla. It’s one of her jobs here at the 1896 House.
What’s a Room ‘Spection Cam?
Well Leighla, you know how the housekeepers work hard, cleaning those rooms all morning long?
You mean Fawn, Mary, Bev, Barb, the other Kathy, John, Berry, Jane and Cara? Why won’t they let us help them?
They take almost an hour to clean each room and we would just be in the way! Besides, we aren’t allowed in any of the guest rooms. Remember that Al-eR-Gee thing?
All I know is I love to go through the trash after they finish. Guests bring food to their rooms and often leave food behind. That’s a banner day for me! You know how I love trash!
What on earth takes them so long Cam?! The rooms are not as big as our house.
Leighla, they have to strip the beds and put new linens on, vacuum the rug… scrub the bathroom floor, make sure there are soaps and shampoos and fresh towels…

...and clean the coffee maker, clocks and phones and put a fresh laundry bag in the desk.
They make sure there is an ironing board and iron, so guests can fix their wrinkly clothes,
and a hair dryer so they can groom, and they shine up the mirrors.
The housekeepers then have to wash the window sills, fix the curtains, straighten the pictures on the wall and dust the TV !
and then they vacuum the chairs and pillows!

They clean the bathtub, make the sink spotless, lift and clean all the drains,
they disinfect the toilet,
and they even make a cute point with the toilet paper end.

WOW! The housekeepers clean out the ice bucket and put a new bag in it, add clean cups, and even dust the ceiling!
Then they dust all the tables and lamps.
They take out the trash and wash the door glass and clean any bugs and webs off the outside lights and sweep the sidewalk.
I like the part about the trash Cam. I’ve pulled some great food out of there, like sandwich wrappers, pizza slices…remember the half a pepperoni pizza? YUM!
Well, if they find anything that the guest left besides food, like a watch or a phone charger, they bring it to the office and they contact the guest to see if they want it sent to their real house.
The housekeepers then have to wash the towels and sheets and covers in a special room with big machines that go WHIRRR and another machine that rolls them around in hot air to make them dry.

Kathy goes in the room later to make sure that they did everything on the list and the room is up to Sue & Denise’s cleanliness standards.

Kathy has a flashlight and looks under the beds. She checks the night light and all the lamps to make sure the bulbs are not burned out, so guests can see in the night.
She even has a cool detective device that shows where body fluids are to make sure the bathrooms are cleaner than clean!
What are body fluids Cam?
Like when you pee on the livingroom rug Leighla…
Oh, okay. Gotcha.
Kathy looks closely at the coffeemaker and phone to make sure they cleaned them so no one gets germs that give them the flu.
If everything looks clean and good, Kathy puts a chocolate candy on each pillow for the guests.
Yuk! Chocolate makes me yak up!

If anything is not done, Kathy has a housekeeper come back in and do it right. I've seen her send them back to make a bed again, or clean a lightswitch plate!
The housekeepers are afraid of Kathy I think. Ar Ar Arf. (laughing)
Cam, I’m exhausted from hearing about all the work the housekeepers do! Glad I don’t have to clean rooms!
Me neither! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Love from Cambi and Leighla

Monday, January 28, 2013

Cabin Fever

Hey Leighla, where's Kathy going in such a rush?
Oh, she's off to the Mall again. She said somethin about Cabin Fever driving her crazy...

Cam, what's "Cabin Fever"?

Leighla, Cabin Fever is when people get really bored and need to get out of where they think they are stuck. I don't get it. There's PLENTY to do around here!
Great food and treats twice a day at least!

I agree Cam! So Yummy too!

And we can go out sleddin on the front hill by The 1896 House for our frosty fun! Wheeeee!

I love to run and play tag with you out back too!

Cam, maybe we could go to the local Skating Rink for a spin around the ice!  We used to be quite good at it! 
Hurt my back tho Leighla...

Actually, I think I'd just like to take a nap right now. Zzzzzzz.

Jeepers Cam, I think we should go see the Mall and learn how people  get rid of cabin fever. It must be lots of fun!

Gee whiz Leighla, it's always somethin with you! Okay, lets go get it over with.

I'll get some money from Sue! RRRRRrrrrrrrr...Got It!

Leighla, I've had enough of this Mall stuff! It is so shallow and empty. We've hit all the stores...Let's go home!

Cam I am sooo tired! I'm broke and I'm bored! I think I've got Cabin Fever! Oh noooooooooo....

SWEEEEEET...It's so good to be back home! Now... off for that well deserved nap!

You said it Cam! Nothin like the sofa to take care of Cabin Fever!

Ni-nite Leighla!

from Cambi & Leighla